Monday, 24 September 2007

Term begins

So, today is the start of week one so I'm a scientist actually doing some science again as opposed to a scientist writing reports like I was before. Got my lecture time table and for about 6 week's it's pretty good, then I'm going to die untill after summer exam time, but such is the life of an undergrad.

Coming back to university after being out on placement for a year is very odd. I'm a lot more organised and attentive then I was before, and I think being around scientists has kind of, well, desensitised me a little. Maybe it was just me but before I was a little of about talking to lecturers, like you couldn't talk to them like you would a guy on the street because they're better. Now, well, I see that just because someone has knowledge you don't doesn't mean they're untouchable and that you're a bother to them. It's ok to approach them. I feel like more of an adult, not a kid still in school but an adult there to better themselves, and it makes all the difference.

I need to start applying for pHds soon, now there's the scary thought.

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