Tuesday, 16 October 2007

I am not militant

I tried to construct an elegant post about athiesm but I keep failing (and nobody reads this blog anyway) and it comes down to this - I'm sick of being told I'm closed minded, ignorant, or forcing my beliefe on others in the order of a religious extremist for making a definitive statement on my beliefe in the non-existance of diety and not being afraid to discuss it with people, reguardless of those people's faith or lack of it. I also get angry when the one widely known piece of athiest writing (the god delusion) is so widely attacked on no more solid basis then "I don't like Dawkins tone". How he says it isn't the point, it's what he says. I'm not particularly fond of the tone of the bible, does that mean I get to dismiss it out of hand and insist that others do to becasue hey, you know, that could be problem solved.

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